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Thyroid and Metabolism Video PLR - Multimedia Pack

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Whiteboard Thyroid Health Videos

Whiteboard videos tap into curiosity and entertainment factors.

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Preview Clip - How Does Hyperthyroidism Affect Your Health?

Preview Clip - What is a Thyroid Storm?

Thyroid Health Quiz

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Preview Clip - Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Quiz

Content Bundles for Energy & Health

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Eight Content Options for Every Video

  • Article
  • Mini-Script to easily add your own voice narration or hire a voice over artist
  • High Definition Video 1080 with music
  • High Definition Video 1080 without music
  • Royalty/Copyright free music
  • Royalty/Copyright free images from Pixabay & Unsplace
  • Powerpoint presentation with scripted elements
  • Powerpoint slidedeck

Preview Clip - What Are Power Foods?

Preview Clip - Why Your Metabolism Slows

Preview Clip - Why Your Metabolism Slows

Preview Clip - Why Your Metabolism Slows

Preview Clip - Why Your Metabolism Slows

Clickbank Product Reviews On Proven Products

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Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution. This takes a unique and eye-opening approach to improving thyroid health through exercise. However, it has to be the right type of exercise.  Great offer with excellent 75% commission.



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3 page Bestseller Book Review.
Remember Cliff Notes from high school? No?  Cliff Notes provided condensed version of a book which you could quickly read and then prepare a book report.
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