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Healthy Heart & Lower Cholesterol
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Add the "Healthy Heart" & "Lower Cholesterol Naturally" Combo Bundle  PLUS 8 More Media Modules And Uniquely Position Your Business  While  Saving Over $50!!

Full PLR to 8 Marketing Modules Including Explainer Style Videos, EBook, Articles, Trainer Presentation, Mini-Posts, Newsletters and more...

kater150Hi PLR Friends,
Here I am again! I'm everywhere.
When you add this upgrade to the 21 Days to Healthy Heart  bundle you'll save $50 off the standard price at PLRPump.com.  This will extend your blogging options with videos,  articles, ebooks, newsletters, videos and more.  Here is a quick reminder of everything in this bundle:
Read on to review the details of each module and grab this deal.  Let's start with the Explainer style white board videos.

Here's A Quick Look At the 8 Modules

  • Lower Cholesterol Naturally Ebook

    Student guide on with strategies to lower cholesterol without drugs

  • Pre-Sales Trainer Presentation

    DFY presentation for online training or offline presentations

  • Tips & Strategies

    Mini-posts for blogs or social media updates

  • Infographic

    Benefits of yoga info chart

  • Premium Articles

    Niche articles for blogs or syndication

  • Bestseller Book Review

    It's like Cliff Notes for entrepreneurs

  • Newsletters

    Articles reformatted into newsletters

  • Videos

    Explainer style videos for list building and marketing

Check Out The Details


paperbackstanding2_200x2704 Steps to Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

The perfect audience for this product are people preferring alternative health solutions to prevent illness and address common ailments. Your readers will learn how to use natural methods to lower cholesterol first before resorting to prescription drugs. Brand and sell the eBook, use it as a lead generation tool, break it up into short articles, unlimited uses.

Share with confidence.  The eBook was written by a subject matter expert, published author and health coach.

What's Inside?

  • Over 7,000 words (30+ pages) guide.
  • 14 royalty/attribution-free illustrations
  • Editable DOC file included so you can freely edit the eBook as you wish.
  • PDF version included.

Take a Peek Inside...

Includes Over 7,000 Words, 30+ Pages and 14 Images!


cb-presentationSteps to Lower Cholesterol Naturally Trainer Presentation. Use this for online or offline pre-sales coaching. Share helpful, relevant information and the sale will follow.



Just Add Your Call-to-Action! 18 Slides With Illustrations


Mini Posts.

20 Tips and ideas for quick updates to social media. Each post is 200 words or more. Just add your Call-To-Action and you are set. You can also use this as another list building tool or gift to your subscribers. 4,000+ words

20 Mini Posts Just Add Your Call-to-Action


cholesterol-branded-225Cholesterol Cheatsheet Infographic.

Another opportunity to leverage the viral nature of social sharing sites.  Post this to your blog and Infographic share portals.

You even get the Photoshop template for easy modification!

Brand It Before Releasing It To The World




12 articles to publish to the web or repurpose any way you wish.


Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook

3 page Bestseller Book Review.
Remember Cliff Notes from high school? No?  Cliff Notes provided condensed version of a book which you could quickly read and then prepare a book report.
  • Let subscribers in on what you are reading with this Done-For-You book review.
  • Post to your blog and monetize with your Amazon link if you wish.

You Don't Even Have To Read The Book! (We won't tell )



Mini-Reports (Newsletters).
10 articles are repurposed into two 5-page (or more) newsletters. Monetize with your affiliate or product links, save as a PDF and distribute. 
You are an epic marketer!


Videos High Quality High-Definition (1080p) videos.

Preview is branded and shortened. You receive the UNBRANDED full-length videos (about 3:30 minutes) and may add your own branding.  Facebook marketers prefer videos for their advertising campaigns. Set up your own YouTube channel.

Preview Clip "Eat Your Way To A Healthy Heart"

Preview Clip "Eat Your Way To A Healthy Heart"

More Content - More Connections - More Conversions

Your License to Use This PLR

Full PLR Rights, Personal Use Only for Editable Content


Costs to Produce This Product

How Much For All This?

If you have a team of researchers, writers and designers you can expect to invest over 150 hours and hundreds of dollars in producing this product.

Plan on a big budget.

Plus, packaging it all together to make it presentable.

And it's no exaggeration. If you've ever created a product yourself, then you know just how much work's involved to produce a high-quality product.  Then there is more time pulling it all together into a marketable product.

Plan on lots of grey hair. I'm proof! (just kidding, sort of)

Our PLR production budget runs close to $2,500. You can expect to pay that or more to create a one-off product.

We actually over-extended the budget for this product. I under-estimated the cost of the pro videos.   Here's the rundown.

Now It's Your Turn!

You will get instant access to:


2 Premium PLR Healthy Heart Videos ($400)

  • MODULE #1: Ebook "Lower Cholesterol Naturally" 7,000+ words; 30+ pages ($400)
  • MODULE #2: Training Presentation, 18 Slides ($225)
  • MODULE #3: 20 Mini Posts; 4,000+ Words ($400)
  • MODULE #4: Cholesterol Numbers Infographic ($100)
  • MODULE #5: 12 Premium Articles ($300)
  • MODULE #6: 3 Page Bestseller Book Review ($45)
  • MODULE #7: Two 5 Page Mini-Reports ($50)
  • MODULE #8: Two Premium Marketing Videos ($400)
  • PLUS! 6 eCover Styles ($100)
  • PLUS! eCover Templates in PowerPoint (cool!)

That's Over $2,200!!

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