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101 Tips for Going Paleo

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Are you a health and wellness coach looking for a tool to help your audience make healthy lifestyle changes? Perhaps your promote healthy eating and diet programs as an affiliate.

Grab this complete sales funnel designed to attract the client who wants success changing to a healthier lifestyle.

The Paleo Diet was at the forefront of the Clean Eating movement when Loren Cordain published The Paleo Diet over 15 years ago. It wasn't long before other diets such as Keto, Wholefoods30, Primal, Gluten-free, and a host of copycat programs jumped into the fire.

And why not...there are millions of Google searches for weight loss tips, system, hacks, and reviews. Weight loss is the greenest of evergreen products.

Sales of paleo-focused products - including information products - continue to grow. It's no surprise since this weight loss and healthy living protocol is a favorite of high performance athletes, gluten-free fans, as well as clean eating advocates.

Along with rapid weight loss success, people who follow a paleo-style program achieve other health benefits such as:

  • Reduced likelihood of diabetes
  • Improved cardio health
  • Clearer complexion
  • Younger looking skin
  • Reduced symptoms of inflammatory disorders
  • Improved athletic performance

Here's the thing...

People want to change, but when it comes to diets it's easy for them to get hung-up on little hurdles and give up.

You Create Lifetime Buyers Helping Them Overcome These Hurdles!

Use 101 Tips for Going Paleo to attract and help people who are determined to succeed changing their diets, losing weight and living better.

These people become lifetime buyers because you helped them down their road to success.

Review the details below and decide if this product is for you. Oh! You can brand it, change it, apply your name as author... PLUS keep 100% of the profts.


We've Done the Market Analysis for You

  • Obesity - Over 34.9% of Americans OR 78.6 Million Adults Are Obese - That's 1 in Every 3 People!
  • Type 2 Diabetes - Nearly 30 Million Adults Americans Are Newly Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes Every Year
  • Obesity is Scientifically Linked as the Cause of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Study: Women On a Low-Carb Diet Lost More Fat and More Weight Than Those on a Low-Fat Diet
  • Carb Saturation - Americans are Consumed with Carb Rich Diets
  • Obesity - Unused Carb Calories are Metabolized Into Fat Cells
  • Study American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Ketogenic diet resulted in 12 pounds of weight loss in obese men in just 4 weeks
  • Study Stanford University: Women On a Low Carb Diets Lose More Weight Than Those On a Low Fat Diet

There are dozens of steps involved with content development, not the least of which is actually writing the material. I've listed some of the most obvious tasks in content marketing.


  • Research

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  • Graphics

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  • Sales Copy


  • Opt-in Offers

  • Writing eBooks/Reports

  • Crafting Emails

You know you've wanted to create a Healthy Lifestyles website, but planning and writing out an educational program is no small task.

With all this product development, when do you get time to focus on reaching out to partners and clients? Heck! There's no energy left to squeeze some love out of your fans!

What if you could just pay someone to do the work for you?

What if you could then turn around and put your name as the author? And what if you get it all done for less than the price of a decent dinner for two?

Private Label Rights Content

What if you could get premium content at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing and never spend a minute making bad choices hiring freelancers to write your business content?

Welcome to the power of Private Label Rights content PLR -  sometimes referred to as White Label. PLR is content produced in a variety of formats and provided to marketers who want to keep their customer happy with information and solutions. PLR cuts the time, cost and resources to produce content by 95%.

  • Build Authority Blogs

    Provide current content your readers value because it helps them get what they want.

  • Create Article Portals On eCommerce Sites

    Boost SEO with relevant content and pull in traffic from high ranking posts.

  • Launch Membership Portals

    Create a mentoring course. Build it once and then bring in monthly income over and over.

Core Marketing Bundles Ready to Go

We've got your content marketing primed for results with the key material to build your reputation and pull in your perfect audience.

Let's peek at the core modules included in this release.

Ready for your special touch. Branded By You.


Premium Ebook Keeps Your Product Sales Funnels Fresh

Fully illustrated and formatted.

Easily edited with Word or OpenOffice.

Tip eBooks are one of the most popular resources people are eager to buy.  Brand this with your business or name and upload to your host. Or update with your own unique touch. Affiliate links too! Change as much or as little as you see fit.

"101 Tips for Going Paleo" eBook

Formatted and illustrated with  23 royalty/copyright free images are included along with handy references.

Over 5,300 words. 35+ pages. Illustrated.

YOGA Course Private Label Rights

Take a Peek Inside

Ready for You To Apply Your Brand and Sell

Formatted and Illustrated

Just Apply Your Brand and Sell - Keep 100% of the Profits!

Sample Chapter

Sales Copy With HTML Sales Funnel

No need to start from scratch with our pre-made templates.

Sales page, thank you and download pages included.

Upload to your hosting as HTML sales page or cut-n-paste to your WordPress pages.  We even have training videos to show you how. Learn it once and you know how to do it for all your products.

HTML Funnel With DFY Sales Copy

Easy to Edit Sales Copy

Resource Toolbox

Or Use to Expand Your Blog

Instant F.A.Q. Pages

- Top Questions Answered -

Fantastic Lead Magnet. Just pop an opt-in form on your website or use as subscriber gift.

Editable Graphics

Blogging Content

Fill Your Content Publishing Calendar With Pre-Written Articles

Tip! Modify with a new title and add supporting content such as illustrations or images, statistics, quotes, graphs, or videos and always a call-to-action.

10 articles (Generous 400+ words) in Word .docx and .txt format.

  1. Benefits of the Paleo Diet for Hypertension 416
  2. Fight Diabetes the Paleo Way 429
  3. Going Paleo Why You Need to Avoid These Fish 459
  4. Is the Paleo Diet Good for Male Fertility 408
  5. Paleo Newbie Success 427
  6. Paleo vs Primal 440
  7. Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet 445
  8. Surviving and Thriving Without Prepackaged Foods 413
  9. Which is For You Paleo vs Keto 412
  10. Why I Chose Paleo Over Keto for Weight Loss 459

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Info Posters

Why share boring quotes when you can share helpful tips?

Publish to social sharing sites, use to build backlinks, whip out your iPhone and share it with potential customers at the grocery store, salon, Bunko party.  Editable PSD included.
You are a Marketer Extraordinaire!

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Your PLR License


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I understand I'll get instant access to:

"101 Tips for Going Paleo" PLR Bundle includes all this content

  • DFY Product: Premium Quality Ebook, illustrated, 70+pages and 6.400 words
  • DFY Sales Copy: Highlights trigger points for high conversions
  • Fast Start: HTML Sales Funnel
  • FAQs: Authority Building Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • Affiliate Programs: High Commission High Converting Relevant Products
  • 10 Articles(400+ words)
  • Gorgeous eCovers: 6 Styles
  • 10 Eye Catching Social Media Images
  • License: Full Private Label Rights

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