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Plant vs Meat Proteins Diet PLR

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Enhance Your Healthy Eating & Diets Website With 'Plant vs Meat Protein PLR' PLUS 'Vegan Snacks PLR' and 10 More Media Modules with Bonuses To Uniquely Position Your Business From The Start!

Create an authority healthy diets blog or coaching portal with ebooks, articles and more, using instant PLR products.

Here's A Quick Look at the Main 12 Modules

  • Lead Magnet

    Highly targeted eBook to attract the perfect audience

  • Squeeze Page

    DFY Squeeze Page (HTML)

  • eBook

    Special report on high curiosity topic. Another list magnet, bonus incentive or gift.

  • Premium Articles

    Niche articles for blogs or syndication.

  • Bestseller Book Review

    It's like Cliff Notes for entrepreneurs.

  • Mini Posts

    200w mini-posts for social media or quicky blog posts

  • 2 5-Page Newsletters

    Articles formatted into Newsletters

  • Infographics

    Editable Infographics – more viral content!

  • eCovers

    Colorful ecovers professional design(PSD Included)

  • Coaching Slidedeck

    DFY course. Use online or offline.

  • Autoresponders

    Can't think of what to email? No problem. 21 DFY messages

  • Top 10 Academic Resources

    Research done for you



Healthy Vegan Snacks

This eBook is for those wanting to learn and enjoy the health benefits of a vegan or vegetarian die without all the hassle! Give them instant vegan snack recipes!

Brand and sell the eBook, use it as a lead generation tool, break it up into short articles, unlimited uses. Share with confidence.   The eBook was written by a subject matter expert, published author and health coach.

What's Inside?

  • Over 3,000 words (30 pages) guide.
  • Editable DOC file included so you can freely edit the eBook as you wish.
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • PDF version included.

Take a Peek...


Includes Over 3,000 Words, 30 Pages!



Boost Leads 

Just swap in your own branded PDF and Opt-in code. You are set!

(HTML version)



Plant versus Meat Proteins 

This is a BIG question. There you are with answers!

Over 55 pages, 6,800 pages, illustrated

Just Add Your Call-to-Action to Buy

Just Add Your Call-to-Action to Buy


12 articles to publish to the web or repurpose any way you wish.  Approx. 400 words each.



fully-raw-dietRemember Cliff Notes from high school? No?  
Cliff Notes provided a condensed version of a book which you could quickly read and then prepare a book report.
  • Let subscribers in on what you are reading with this Done-For-You book review.
  • Post to your blog and monetize with your Amazon link if you wish.

You Don't Even Have To Read The Book!

(We won't tell!)



10 articles are repurposed into two 5-page (or more) newsletters.
Monetize with your affiliate or product links, save as a PDF and distribute. 
You are an epic marketer!


6 Styles 4 Different Sizes for Each Ebook


20 Mini-Blog Posts (200w)

Can'g think of anything to write about?  It happens to us all. Use these to kickstart a full-blown, epic post or just upload for a quicky. Perfect for social media updates too.

1 - The "Raw Foods" Diet Basics

2 - The Hidden Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

3 – How to Start a Raw Foods Diet … The Right Way

4 – Are Fresh Juices Allowed on a Raw Foods Diet?

5 – Raw Food Diet Kitchen Essentials

6 – The Basics of a Vegetarian Diet

7 – The 6 Main Types of Vegetarians

8 – Facts About Vegetarianism You Probably Didn't Know

9 – Vegetarian Health Statistics – By The Numbers

10 – Go Vegetarian For a Better Sex Life

11 - What Do Vegans Eat?

12 - Where Does a Vegan Get Protein?

13 - How A Vegan Diet Stops Stress Cold

14 - Nutrition Basics For the Beginner Vegan

15 - Some Impressive Athletes That You Didn't Know Were Vegan

16 - 5 Great Plant-Based Diets

17 - Plant-Based Dieting Basics for Beginners

18 - What Is Meatless Monday?

19 - United Nations Study Reveals Eating Less Meat Is Better For the Planet

20 - Plant-Based Eating Means Thinking Like Your Grandmother


21 Done-for-You Autoresponders

We got you covered in the communication department.  21 Autoresponders that are way more than just "go buy this product."  These are designed to start the conversation with your audience, keep them engaged and eager to hear more from you.  The first 7 are follow-ups to the opt-in report. Just add your Call-To-Action to your own sales page or an affiliate program.  Check out the clever subject lines below.

1.) Subject: Welcome to the Veggie Diets Newsletter

2.) Subject: Clarifying the veggies

3.) Subject: The protein challenge of going vegan

4.) Subject: Converting the family to vegetarian menus

5.) Subject: Sourcing organic plant-based foods

6.) Subject: Plant-based foods loaded with unwanted chemicals

7.) Subject: Tips for eating organic vegetarian on a budget

8.) Subject: Buy organic produce on a budget

9.) Subject: Amazon best seller resource and my review

10.) Subject: True or False: Going vegan lowers cholesterol

11.) Subject: Are you sure that’s vegan?

12.) Subject: The Vegan athlete (really)

13.) Subject: Vegans vs Vegetarian

14.) Subject: Best protein sources for plant-based foodies

15.) Subject: Foods that boost metabolism

16.) Subject: Keeping on the plant trail to healthy living

17.) Subject: More fiber invites Pepe le Peeuuu

18.) Subject: Share your frustrations and stories

19.) Subject: The raw food dilemma

20.) Subject: Joke!

21.) Subject: Organic does not mean Vegan


Research Done-For-You


Top 10 Academic resources (PDFs, blogs, presentations, etc.) at your fingertips


Instant Webinar and Coaching Presentation

Slidedeck is ready to turn into a video or use as a presentation during a webinar.  That's too scary? Start off with a teleseminar. Step through the presentation and allow the audience to ask questions. Questions equal potential products or other coaching sessions. I knew you were a clever entrepreneur!


Powerful Content = Powerful Presence

How Much For All This?

If you have a team of researchers, writers and designers you can expect to invest over 150 hours and hundreds of dollars in producing this product.

Plan on a big budget.

Plus, packaging it all together to make it presentable.

And it's no exaggeration. If you've ever created a product yourself, then you know just how much work's involved to produce a high-quality product.  Then there is more time pulling it all together into a marketable product.

Plan on lots of grey hair. I'm proof! (just kidding, sort of)

Our PLR production budget runs close to $2,500. You can expect to pay that or more to create a one-off product.

We actually over-extended the budget for this product. I under-estimated on some of the costs! Here's the rundown.

That's A Total of 100 Hours Of Work And $2,200 plus in Expenses!

But you can put this product to work for far less than that!

Your License to Use This PLR

Full PLR Rights, Personal Use Only for Editable Content


Now It's Your Turn!

You will get instant access to:



  • MODULE #1: Lead Magnet: Healthy Vegan Snacks 3,000words, 30pgs, illustrated ($750)
  • MODULE #2: Opt-In-Squeeze Page ($50)
  • MODULE #3: eBook: Plant versus Veggie Proteins, 3,800words, 55 pages illustrated
  • MODULE #4: 12 Premium Articles ($350)
  • MODULE #5: 3-Page Bestseller Book Review ($75)
  • MODULE #6: Infographic 4-Easy Reference Posters ($250)
  • MODULE #7: Two 5 Page Mini-Reports/Newsletters ($50)
  • MODULE #8: eCovers-2sets ($100)
  • MODULE #9: 20 Mini Posts; 4,000+ Words ($400)
  • MODULE 10 - 21 Autoresponders
  • MODULE 11 - Cited Academic Resources
  • MODULE #12: Training Presentation - Webinar Ready ($225)

That's Over $2,200!!

Today You Won't Pay Anywhere Near That Price...

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